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New Age Purohit Darpan

Download eBooks

How to Access eBooks offline:

There are many different ways to access the eBooks if it is not convenient to go through the website every time. Here are a few options:

  1. Through the Google Books App

  2. Through Adobe Digital Editions

  3. As a Print Edition

    • Find a local printing and binding shop

    • Use the Contact Us form to request a PDF to be sent to the shop of your choice


Select Desired eBook

1 - Select eBook.png


Click Google Books Logo

2 - Select Logo.png


Old Google Books: Buy eBook - $0.00

3 - Buy eBook.png


New Google Books: Add to my library

3 - Add to my library.png


Go to "My Books" in Google Play

4 - Go to My Books.png


Click More Options Icon

5 - More Options.png


Click Download PDF

6 - Download PDF.png
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