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Grandpa's Indian Heritage Summer Camp

Program Details

What is Grandpa's Indian Heritage Summer Camp?

The Association of Grandparents of Indian Immigrants (AGII) has initiated “Grandpa’s Indian Heritage Summer Camp,” in an effort to encourage children to learn about their glorious heritage.

How it works:

  1. Fill out a registration form, available on our website (, and mail it to PO Box 50032, Nashville, TN 37205.  Deadline for registration is July 31, 2011. There is no registration fee, anonymous grandparents cover all costs.

  2. Watch the videos. The videos can be found on YouTube ( (Note: If you have a problem with watching the presentations on Youtube, send us $5 along with the registration form and we will send you a DVD with these stories).

  3. Stories on Volume 1 (for children of all ages): Brave Little Parrot (Jataka), Trifling Loss (Tagore), Ganapathi (mythological humor). The Monkey and the Crocodile (Jataka), Milkmaid (Ramakrishna), Stonecutter (folktale), Savitri (Mahabharata). Prehistoric India (our roots), Ashoka (history), Chants from Upanishad, Angulimal (story from Buddha’s life), Barber Syamlal (a short story), Learned Pundit (Ramakrishna)

  4. Volume 2 (for children under 10) Hope (a short story), Priceless Gain (Tagore), Fairs and Festivals of India, Beggar King (folktale of India), Blind men and Elephant (folktale of India), Brahmin’s dream (a short story), Clever Calf (a folktale from India), Dasharatha (Ramayana), The fisherman who became a Holy Man (Ramakrishna). Golden Deer (Jataka). Rainbow Prince (fairytale from Bengal), The Sage and the Dog (Mahabharata), Tiger and Brahmin (Panchatantra), Bheema and Hanuman (Mahabharata), Teacher (a page from history). Parents are Gods (Mythology)

  5. Print or download the quizzes here on our website. Children may answer these while watching the videos, and we encourage parents to help their children.  Because the stories are for all ages, we ask that you complete at least 8 of the 29 available stories. Please email the completed quiz to or mail your answers to PO Box 50032, Nashville, TN 37205.

  6. Upon completion, Association of Grandparents of Indian Immigrants will send you a Certificate of Completion and a special prize!

If you have any questions, please contact Grandpa at

Links to Videos on YouTube:

Descriptions of the stories can be found by clicking on


Volume I (for children of all ages)

1. Brave Little Parrot (Jataka)

2. Trifling Loss (Tagore)

3. Ganapathi (Mythology)

4. Monkey and Crocodile (Jataka)

5. Milkmaid (Ramakrishna)

6. Stonecutter (Folktale)

7. Savitri (Mahabharata)

8. Prehistoric India (History)

9. Ashoka (History)

10. Chants from Upanishad

11. Agulimal (Story from Buddha’s Life)

12. Barber Syamlal (Short Story)

13. The Learned Pundit (Ramakrishna)


Volume II (for children under 10)

1. Hope (Short Story)

2. Priceless Gain (Tagore)

3. Fairs and Festivals of India

4. Beggar King (Folktale)

5. Blind Men and Elephant (Folktale)

6. Brahmin’s Dream (Short Story)

7. Clever Calf (Folktale)

8. Dasharatha (Ramayana)

9. The Fisherman who became a Holy Man (Ramakrishna)

10. Golden Deer (Jataka)

11. Rainbow Prince (Fairytale from Bengal)

12. The Sage and The Dog (Mahabharata)

13. The Tiger and the Brahmin (Panchatantra)

14. Bheema and Hanuman (Mahabharata)

15. The Teacher

16. Parents are Gods (Mythology)

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